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The Global Leadership Summit 2005 Team Edition on DVD

R 100.00

The Team Edition is ideal for staff meetings, leadership development retreats, one-on-one mentoring, or personal use.

*Bonus: The reproducible processing tool with session outlines, discussion questions, and Key Learnings Chart will help guide your team through the transferable principles taught and how to apply them in your unique settings. Instructions are included with the DVD package.

Sessions on the DVD

  • The Leader's State of Mind, Bill Hybels
  • Leadership is Stewardship, Rick Warren
  • Seeing the Unseen, Mosa Sono
  • Putting Yourself at Risk: The Price of Leadership, Eleanor Josaitis and Curtis Sliwa
  • The Story of Two Leaders: When Your Calling Changes, John Maxwell and Ken Blanchard
  • Making a Great Idea Fly: An Interview with Southwest Airlines’ President, Colleen Barrett
  • The Mental Toughness of a Leader, Jack Groppel
  • Action Steps for Monday, Henry Cloud
  • A Leader’s Unshakeable Resolve, Kenneth Ulmer
  • These Things We Must Do, Bill Hybels
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