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Stay The Course

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Many people today are afraid and angry. The ground under them is shifting, and they feel
powerless to do anything about it. Some look at the massive cultural changes, and they
shrug, That’s no big deal. In fact, we need to keep in step with the culture. Go along to get
along. Others have an opposite reaction: they fight back in an impassioned, shrill voice that
alienates those who disagree with them. Still others withdraw from the contentious arguments
because they assume, What’s the use? My voice means nothing.
But there’s another path—to engage the people and the problems in our culture with a
blend of humility and strength.
The paradox of faith is that the deeper we go into the deep waters of the tenderness,
love, and grace of God—the fact that the king of glory loved us enough to become a servant
to pay for our sins and make us his own—he increasingly puts steel in our souls so we
can engage the difficult issues in our culture with wisdom, kindness, and courage. Like the
culture, we tend to drift—toward disillusionment or self-sufficiency. We need God’s grace
and truth to penetrate deep into our hearts, and we need each other, to stay the course.
In our culture, “people of truth” are often seen as judgmental and intolerant (and
these labels may indeed fit), but Pastor Choco is known for his compassion as well as
his unswerving commitment to truth. Stories from his life and his church will be woven
throughout this book.
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