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Raising Financially Freed-Up Kids DVD

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It's never too early in your parenting to begin to introduce your kids to wise money management principles. In an increasingly materialistic culture, kids are bombarded with hundreds of advertisements and unsound messages about money—every single day. Countering the influence of our broken culture IS possible, but it doesn't happen by accident. 

As a parent, you must be intentional in both your words and actions. Raising Financially Freed-Up Kids offers you proven principles and practical wisdom to take decisive action in raising financially responsible—and healthy-kids. Using this DVD and the Raising Financially Freed-Up Kids Participant's Guide, you'll walk through two biblically based, 90-minute sessions, providing you with: 

  • Seven keys to preparing your son or daughter to be financially responsible now and in the future
  • Creative ways to use allowance as a learning tool for life in the "real world"
  • Three kinds of jobs that every child should experience at home
  • Specific ideas and action steps for kids at each developmental stage-from preschool through high school
  • A keen awareness of how healthy financial teaching—and modeling—helps your child build a more solid and joyful life


    • DVD includes a video interview with presenter David Briggs and his adult son J.R. demonstrating how these principles have had a positive effect in his and his young family's life.
    • FREE facilitator's guide for use in retreats, workshops, or small group studies is available for download


          Order one DVD for your group and one 

    Financially Freed Up Kids Participant's Guide

          per person. 

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