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Global Leadership Network SA

GLS Now 2022

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GLSNow 2022 offers:

  1. On GLSNow, you’ll be able to stream in High Definition (HD) which is up to 1080p. If your internet speed is not optimal (below 10 Mbps), you can select a lower bitrate on the player to improve your viewing experience. GLSNow offers 6 different resolutions –1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p and 144p.
  2. Audio Only option is available for you could just listen the talk while you’re driving.
  3. Picture in Picture & Personal Notes –you can take private notes while watching session videos and save for future use.
  4. Individual Session Discussion Guide downloads are available for group meeting and discussions.
  5. Download videos on mobile app so you can watch offline.
  6. Session, Grander Vision Stories, Bonus Resources are available in 40+ languages.

Can I watch GLSNow videos on Smart TV?

We recommend viewing the stream on a desktop or laptop using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. You can also view it on your tablet or cell phone.

There is no native app for Smart TVs, but you can use a video cable to connect your computer to your TV or a projector (if you have the proper cabling and ports on your gear).

You can also view with Chromecast or Airplay [Note: the stream will not work on Airplay from a laptop or desktop (macOS) but should work from an iPad or iPhone (iOS)], but this may slow your connection speed.

Is the copyright viewing permission for 25-people still valid?

Yes, it is still valid. Below is the 2022 Copyright Statement (posted on GLSNow site):

©️2022Global Leadership Network. P.O. Box 3188, Barrington, IL 60010, U.S.A.All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication and distribution prohibited.

Warning: No copies of this program, in whole or in part, may be made for any reason or purposewhatsoever. A limited license for public in-person exhibition for up to 25 people is granted to churchservices or organizational groups so long as no fee of any kind is charged.

Using this content for in-person church services or organizational groups of more than 25 people constitute a private view event and requires separate licensing and permissions. Please contact local GLS Committee office for more information aboutpermission request.

Commercial use of this program, including online or offline conferences, conventions, internet, broadcast, and fundraising is strictly prohibited.