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Freed-Up in Later Life: Planning Now for Beyond 65 Participant's Workbook

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What do you want your later years to look like? With wise money management, your later years can be marked with generosity and serving God. 

Most of us imagine our later years will be full of rest, family, travel, or hobbies. But is leisure all that God has planned for us in that season of life? The Bible doesn't say much about the concept of retirement, but God clearly desires that our lives honor him every step of the way. But what can we do now to make sure we have the freedom to follow God's direction in our later years?

This Participant's Workbook, used with the companion Freed-Up in Later Life Teaching DVD (sold separately), provides two hours of practical video-based material and hands-on activities that will help you:

  • Think through what your later life might and should look like
  • Plan for a full life with meaning and purpose beyond yourself
  • Have the freedom to continue working, but perhaps in a different way
  • Understand five basic financial guidelines that will serve you well now and in later life
  • Walk away with a monthly retirement savings plan and next steps to make your plans reality

Designed for adults of all ages, this two-session workshop features teaching by Dick Towner, the beloved and trusted founder of the Good $ense ministry. Along with financial planner Dan Rotter, Towner helps you create and carry out a plan that frees you to follow God's calling for your later years, whatever that calling may be.

This Workbook is for use by individuals working through the sessions on the Freed-Up in Later Life Teaching DVD. Order one workbook per participant. 

Find more information about this and other Freed-Up resources, or about Stewardship Ministry in general at

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