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Freed-Up Financial Living Teaching DVD

R 350.00

ALL NEW REVISED VIDEO CONTENT! Contains teaching scripts and facilitator's guide.

Money management and trusting God go hand in hand in discipleship. Overcoming materialism/greed and growing in generosity and tithing are essential steps in living a Christ-centered life. 

The Freed-Up Financial Living Teaching DVD is an inclusive, six-session DVD curriculum that features the teaching of seasoned financial ministry leaders Dick Towner, John Negovetich, and Shannon Plate. It contains all teaching and supporting videos in a simple plug-and-play format that allows the content to be experienced without the need for an up-front teacher. The curriculum outlines biblical essentials on earning, giving, saving, spending and reducing debt, while providing practical tips to help participants achieve their own financial, personal, and spiritual goals, and is easily adaptable for use in seminar, small group or even individual use settings. 

This DVD is designed for use with the Freed-Up Financial Living Participant's Workbook. Order one guide per person.

Find more information about this and other Freed-Up resources, or about Stewardship Ministry in general at

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