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Best Talks of the Summit: Celebrating 20 Years

R 400.00
Experience again or maybe for the first time some of the most memorable and highly rated talks that have inspired and equipped leaders at the Summit. This 4-DVD set includes the full length message of each speaker talk.

Speaker sessions include: Patrick Lencioni, Erwin McManus, Andy Stanley, Steven Sample, Bill Hybels (2 sessions), Kenneth Ulmer, Wayne Cordeiro, John Ortberg, Gary Haugen, Craig Groeschel, Harvey Carey, Terri Kelly, Jack Welch, Christine Caine, Henry Cloud, Michelle Rhee, Jim Collins, Ashish Nanda, Liz Wiseman.

Guest faculty members are invited to participate in The Global Leadership Summit based on proven abilities in their field of expertise. Their beliefs may not necessarily reflect those of Willow Creek Association and Willow Creek Community Church, and their inclusion on this resource does not imply endorsement of their views or affiliations.
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